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Expandable Car Food Tray

Expandable Car Food Tray

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The Perfect Companion For Your Ride

Eating lunch or doing makeup in the car? We've all been there. Stop juggling your burger, fries and any makeup on your lap or chair, enjoy your meal, and do makeup comfortably with our car table when safely parked in your vehicle.

Multi-Way Adjustment

360°rotating detachable tray attaches to upper cup holder and load-bearing 10lbs weight. Car cup holder tray can be utilized for food, snacks, keys, phone, coins, etc.

Fits All Cup Holder

Adjustable base expands from 2.6’’ to 3.9’’, ensuring the base is securely mounted on a variety of car cup holders and will not fall off. The silicone pad on the expansion piece provides strong friction to ensure the stability of the cup holder extender.

Fit Most Cups

The Upper and lower design can fit more cups compared with other car food trays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Berry Walter

I put one in my Ford King Ranch and the other in my Lincoln MKX. Both fit perfectly and have plenty of room for passengers. I’m very pleased the way both fit in my vehicles. I really like the way these holders function. I would purchase again.

Glennie DuBuque

Works perfectly in my Tacoma. Top tray pivots so when I have a passenger it's out of the way. Plus I gain an extra cup holder as one is turned into two.

Destany Ruecker

This holder and tray does exactly what it says it will do. If you are the only person in your car, then this is perfect, because you can swing it to the right, in front of the passenger area.

Leola Brown

The cup itself has braces that extend into your cup holder to prevent shifting or falling out.
The cup holder on the detachable tray doesn’t have a bottom to it but will easily hold most fast food drinks.
I’ve had it for about a week now and haven’t had a problem with it moving around while I drive.
Very happy with my little tray!

Yasmeen Zieme

My wife wanted this. I took one look and thought it was dumb, impractical, not worth the money. I bought it just to let her see how it would just get in the way. Now I am eating my words, because I want one. Its currently in the family car, and I found myself reaching for it in my daily commuter and realizing that I had grown accustom to it being there. Now I need one for mine. Extremely easy to use, and the mat is grippy enough that your cell phone can lay flat and not go sliding anywhere. I am purchasing another and my wife won't let me hear the end of it lol